M. S. Thesis Abstract

Design and Development of a Three Link In-Parrallel Actuating Prototype Manipulator

Roger Johnson

March 1988

This thesis entails the design and development of a three link in-parallel actuated prototype manipulator. Serial link robots have not developed the strength and accuracy needed for many industrial tasks due to inherently poor support provided by a serial mechanism. The advantage of a parallel manipulator is its high strength to weight ratio and precision accuracy.

The orientation of the end effector is important to the performance of the manipulator. A static derivation and program have been developed to model the manipulator under static conditions which established the basis for the prototype design and the parameter optimization. The concept of velocity ratio ellipsoid for the manipulator has also been introduced for the optimization.

The feasibility of a three link parallel mechanism was demonstrated with the prototype. Using position control of the linkages in conjunction with the kinematics, the manipulator experimentally traced a desired trajectory with little error. Experimental analysis also involved the investigation of the dynamic response of the prototype under varying conditions, an adjustable current limit and compensator.