Thesis Abstracts

Kun Bai, Direct Field-feedback Control for Permanent Magnet Spherical Motors,Ph. D. Thesis, Fall 2012.


Jiajie Guo, Effects of Joint Constraints on the Deformations of a Multi-Boday Compliant Mechanism, Ph. D. Thesis, Fall 2011.


Shaohui Foong, Development Development of Magnetic Field-Based Multisensor System for Multi-Dof Actuators,Ph. D. Thesis, Summer 2010.


Chih-Hsing Liu, A Finite-element based Dynamic Modeling Method for Design Analysis of Flexible Multibody Systems, Ph. D. Thesis, Spring 2010


Daxue Wang, Dynamic Analysis of Constrained Object Motion for Mechanical Transfer of Live-Products, M. S. Thesis, May 2009.


Kwaku Christopher Eason, Numerical Investigation of Micro-Macro Coupling in Magneto-Impedance Sensors for Weak Field Measurements, Ph. D. Thesis, Summer 2008.


Hungsun Son, Effects of Magnetic Field Models on Control of Electromagnetic Actuators, Ph. D. Thesis, December 2007


Qiang Li, Effects of Adaptive Discretization on Numerical Computation using Meshless Method with Live-object Handling Applications, Ph. D. Thesis, November 2006.


Mati C. Chessin,An Experimental Investigation on the Effects of Buffering Regulation on Time-critical Delivery of Objects on a Multi-conveyor System, M. S. Thesis, December 2006.


Mark R.Claffee, The Effects of Wing Manipulation on Automated Cutting of Biological Tissues, M. S. Thesis, August 2006.


Chao-Chieh Lan, Computational Models for Design and Analysis of Compliant Mechanisms, Ph. D. Thesis, December 2005.


Wayne Daley, A Methodology for the Development of Machine Vision Algorithms Through the Use of Human Visual Models, Ph. D. Thesis, May 2004.


Zhiyong Wei, The Effects of Radiation Model on Model-based Optimal Control of High-speed Optical Fiber Drawing Process," Ph. D. Thesis, April 2004.


Debao Zhou, Design and Analysis of a Three-DOF Optical Sensor for Real-time Orientation Measurement, M. S. Thesis,May 2003.

Xuecheng Yin, Design and Analysis of a Compliant Grasper for Handling Live Objects, Ph. D., Thesis, December 2003.

Chris Michael Shumway, Dynamic Modeling and Analysis of Body Inversions, M. S. Thesis,December 2002.

Matthew Daniel Summer, Design Algorithm of a Novel Computer-Controlled Gripper for a Live Bird Transfer System, M. S. Thesis,December 2002.

Raye Abdoulie Sosseh, Finite Element Torque Modeling and Backstepping Control of a Spherical Motor, h. D. Thesis, January 2002

Harry Douglas Jr.Garner, Development of a Real-Time Vision Based Absolute Orientation Sensor, Ph.D. Thesis, July 2001

Serge William Tchikanda, Modeling for High-speed High-strength Precision Fiber Drawing, Ph.D. Thesis, May 2001.

Jeffry Hartono, Quasi-static Analysis of an Automated Live-bird Transfer System,M. S. Thesis, December 2000.

Tian He, Effects of Rotor Configurations on the Characteristic Torque of a VR Spherical Motor, Ph.D. Thesis, July 2000.

Harry Douglas Jr.Garner, Development of a Grating Interferometer for Non-contact Relative Displacement Measurement M. S. Thesis, November 1998.

Dan Ezenekwe, Control of a Spherical Rotor with a Self-Pressurized Air Film Bearing, Ph.D. Thesis, December 1998.

Melissa Sandlin, Model-based Vision-guided Automated Cutting of Natural Products, M. S. Thesis,June 1998.

Rishi Gogate, An Investigation of a Behavior-model-based Handling of Dynamic Objects, M. S. Thesis, April 1998.

Martin Klement, Development of a Three DOF Vision-based Absolute Orientation Sensor, M. S. Thesis, September 1997.

James Down, An Experimental Investigation on Dynamic Vision Guided Pick-up of Moving Objects, M. S. Thesis, June 1997.

David Kim, A Design Methodology of a High-torque Multi-degree-of-freedom Spherical Motor M. S. Thesis, March 1997.

Chad Rutherford, A Design Methodology for Control of a Belt-Driven Robot using Frequency Reshaping Analysis, M. S. Thesis, February 1997.

Johne' Parker, An Analytical and Experimental Investigation of Physically-accurate Synthetic Images for Machine Vision Design, Ph.D. Thesis, December 1996.

Bailey-Van Kuren, Automated Cell Supervisor Control Product Disassembly, Ph.D. Thesis, September 1996.

Yifei Qian, A Study of Dynamic Pursuit of Moving Objects with Hand-eye Coordination, Ph.D. Thesis, June 1995.

Zhi Zhou, Real-time Control and Characterization of a Variable Reluctance Spherical Motor, Ph.D. Thesis, June 1995.

Robert P. III Hurley, Design of Instructional Methodology of Dynamic Systems and Control Engineering, M.S. Thesis, December 1995.

Juergen Fenchel, Stable, Distributed Real-time Scheduling of Flexible Manufacturing Systems: an Energy Approach, Ph.D. Thesis, March 1995.

Joseph F. III Scheuring,Product Design for Disassembly, M. S. Thesis, March 1994.

Ronald Roth,An Experimental Investigation and Optimization of a Variable Reluctance Spherical Motor, Ph.D. Thesis, December 1992.

John McCullough, Concept Development of a Product Design Algorithm: an Aid to Increase Design Productivity, M. S. Thesis, March 1992.

Johne' Parker, A Methodology for Generating Physically Accurate Synthetic Images for Machine Vision Application, M. S. Thesis, March 1992.

Andrew Dugenske,An Experimental Investigation of a Robust Force Control Algorithm in the Presence of a Compliant Environment, M. S. Thesis, March 1991.

Jianfa Pei, Methodology of Design and Analysis of a Variable Reluctance Spherical Motor, Ph.D. Thesis, December 1990.

Anthony Smith, Adaptive Control of a Three-link In-parallel Manipulator, M. S. Thesis, March 1990.

Steven Yukowitz, A Practical Vision-Guided Part-Feeding Algorithm for Flexible Manufacturing Automation, M. S. Thesis, March 1990.

Christopher Yien, ontrol of a Three-link In-parallel Manipulator, M.S. Thesis, June 1989.

Shankar Arjunan, Design and Control of a Piezoelectric Actuated Micro-Motion Manipulator, M.S. Thesis, September 1988.

Roger Johnson, Design and Development of a Three Link In-parallel Actuating Prototype Manipulator, M.S. Thesis, March 1988.

Chi Kong Kwan, An Investigation of a Spherical Robot Wrist Actuator, M. S. Thesis, December 1987.

John Winger, Design of a Tactile Sensor Based on Microbending Effects in Fiber Optics, M. S. Thesis, September 1987.

Dharmen Shah, Development of an In-Parallel Actuated End Effector, M. S. Thesis, December 1986.

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